The Mission

The aim when I set about planning the Saperia Fitness Center was a simple one, to provide a fitness facility designed to improve the physical performance of the human body. Now it is more than just an aim and the Saperia Fitness Center is open for business.

I hope that the Saperia Fitness Center will attract a certain caliber of individual. Someone who is looking to achieve and produce a performance each time they workout. Having said that I don’t want to conjure up an image of a gym that is only for “high level athletes,” or “muscle bound monsters.” It is not about your level of fitness or how you look, for me it is about a mindset and having a real desire to improve your health and fitness. You set the bar. So regardless of whether it is your first time in a fitness center or you have been using one for years, you will be welcomed, because I am looking to promote a feeling of health and well-being.

In time the Saperia Fitness Center will develop into an environment where like minded people can encourage, drive and inspire each other. In short, the Saperia Fitness Center is for people wishing to push themselves to the next level.

So, since I am asking for a certain type of individual to join the Saperia Fitness Center, I suppose it’s only fair that I provide you with the highest quality facility.

Here are a few of the things you will find:

  • No minimum contracts or sign up fees
  • No sales people
  • A capped number of memberships
  • High quality equipment designed purely with fitness in mind
  • Personal Trainers of the highest caliber
  • Educated assistance and advice for all of its members, whatever their level
  • A warm welcome for the beginner

As for myself, I have been working as a Personal Trainer in Orlando for several years. I have a current client list of NBA Basketball players and English Premier League Soccer players. But I also have many valued clients from the general public. I graduated as a Master Trainer from the prestigious Australian Institute of Fitness and I continue to study and learn on a daily basis. I can offer training and advice on all aspects of fitness and nutrition.

So if the above sounds like it could be for you, I would like to invite you to be a part of a different kind of Fitness Center. You won’t find any TV’s, coffee machines or tanning beds. You will find some of the best training equipment available today, a highly skilled staff of Personal Trainers (should you want one), and a result driven environment that is all about getting its members to the next level of physical performance, no matter what that level is.

I look forward to meeting you.

Ben Saperia