The Incredible Shrinking Man!!!!

Here is a client of mine, Bob Smith. Below you will find his photo, his blood work direct from his doctor and some kind words he had to say about training at Saperia Fitness Center. Any one can be a Bob Smith.



VP of Finance – Marriott Corp.

I have spent the last 7 months training with Ben at his SaperiaFitnessCenter.

Recently retired, I looked to Ben as my final attempt to lose some significant weight and increase my strength and flexibility.  In my sixties and 80+ pounds overweight I had significant concerns on what I could achieve. To start Ben offered very pointed but very simple nutritional guidance which I found easy to make the change – issues like eating breakfast and eliminating diet sodas.  Ben is very sensitive to my age and weight and consistently monitors my heart rate during all activities in the gym.  When we first started my limit was two minutes on an elliptical machine –five months later twenty minutes at increased levels and resistance is a warm up.

Each month new and more challenging cardio and weight training has been introduced when I am ready.
Ben’s skills in resistance training technique are amazing – Before Ben I used to spend more time in the gym and with heavier weights with no results.   Shoulder’s back – chest out – elbows in – slower have strengthened and redefined my arms and legs.  This month I am working on improving my time on the rowing machines for a quick 2000 meters.
Ben started me – one minute rowing; then one minute resting.

Going to SaperiaFitnessCenteris a different experience from the large institutional gyms.  I know everyone.  Other members and the staff are so encouraging to me.

I feel great:  no back pain, no foot pain, no high blood pressure, no high blood sugar, no sleep apnea.  I have lost 56 pounds, I am getting healthy and gaining strength, balance and flexibility.

So there you have it, Bob Smith, a SFC LEGEND.

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