Premier League Super Stars @ SFC

We has a full house here at SFC recently as Newcaslte United FC inculed us as part their USA tour.

This all came about as two NUFC players, (Dan Gosling and Alan Smith), had been working with SFC in the early summer, to help prepare them for the coming season. I guess we did a good job as the next time we saw those guys they brought the whole team back with them.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the NUFC outdoor morning session and the was asked if we could put on an indoor workout for the team that afternoon. The team had a game the next day so we were asked to keep the leg work to a minimum.

We ended up putting the team through a ten station circuit. The lads were put into pairs, one rested while the other worked for 40 seconds, then they would switch. After each player had done the station twice they would move on to the next station. They would do the full circuit three times.

The workout went very well, mostly due to the fact the NUFC players took it very seriously and were looking to get everything they could out of it.

Here are a few shots of the NUFC boys in action:

Alan Smith getting his core work in


Leon Best working the ropes like a BEAST!


Prof. David doing some one on one with Alan Smith

It was real pleasure having the NUFC team here, they were all gentlemen and very respectful of the facility, I would welcome them back anytime.


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