Busy, busy day!

Wowzers Wowzers, today has been busy.

It’s now 7.50pm and I have not had time to workout :(   and I still have stuff to do! I’m gonna get my workout in though cos that’s what I do.

I have had a lot of new people come into the gym today, which means word is definitely starting to get out about my place, and my nice new sign won’t be doing me any harm either!

I got the sign put up on Friday. Friday is a real treat for me because at the end of a long week I close at 9.00pm rather than 10.00pm, so what time does the sign guy turn up? 7.00pm! I didn’t get out of here until 10.30pm:(

That’s cool though as I’m real happy with it. Not so happy with the big oil leak his truck deposited out side the gym however, such is life.

Right, I must crack on, do my jobs and get my workout in, happy Valentines day and y’all keep it gangsta!

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2 Responses to Busy, busy day!

  1. the great Raymondo may be with you already,but if not give him all my love when you see him. I
    miss him loads and as you know he’s so funny-even more than you!! Just be wary if he offers to
    help out and do any painting in you fabulous gym. I f you let him it will end up GREEN!!! And not just any old shade of green. Beware!

    Sending loadsaluv from over the pond. x x x

  2. Hey Ben Congratulations on the new facility the pictures look awesome! I hope to stop in soon /
    and see it in person. I am the VP of The United Trainers Association and love to see the growth of the health and fitness industry. It takes people with Vision, the heart of a servant and a strong work ethic to succeed greatly. Game on! Gangsta.


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