Today’s Friday Workout is brought to you by celebrity guest trainer Magic Man McKay.

All you’ve got is a Swiss ball, medicine ball and bands!!!

 “No need to worry, here is a full body workout using just these pieces of equipment”

Begin with 10 minutes of jogging, skipping or brisk walking depending on your level followed by some light moving stretches to prepare your body for the session ahead 

Squat to shoulder press with bands (can use Swiss ball behind your back if you need it)

Push up with one hand on a medicine (alternate hands after every push)

Lat row with bands while sitting tall on a Swiss ball

Medicine ball chest press against a wall for speed (or to a partner)

Alternating front and lateral raise with bands (final position level or slightly above shoulder height)

Steps 1-2-1-3

Knee tuck on Swiss ball (shins on ball, hands in push up position, pull ball in until toes are on ball)

Medicine ball twists and throws against a wall (or to partner)

Sit ups on Swiss ball with (make sure to extend before you flex forward, also try not to let the ball move)

Do each exercise between 10 – 12 reps

Do 3 – 4 sets


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