Blogger Boot Camp

Hello, hello.

This weekend we got involved in some group training by hosting the first Saperia Fitness Center Blogger Boot Camp.

The idea for the Boot Camp came from a friend of mine, Julie who wanted to put on a fitness class for local bloggers and blog readers.

So on Saturday morning at 9.00am, nine ladies descended upon SFC and hopefully by the time they left they were all a little bit fitter!


The workout was made up of eleven stations, each with a different exercise attached, you would stay at each station for one minute, and then move on to the next one until you had been at all eleven stations. We went through the circuit three times. The circuit was designed so you would work a different muscle group at each station and also get some cardio in at every other station. Here are the stations that were used:


The star of the show was definitely the Woodway Curve, which always helps change peoples opinions on treadmill training and by the end of the session, I think everybody had gotten in a decent workout.


To finish off the session there was a little warm down and a chance for everybody to have a chat. Who ever knew that ladies liked to talk?

I would like to say a big thank you to all that attended with a special thank you going out to Julie, Katy, Meghann and Carolina. I hope to see you all again next time….

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  1. Thanks for hosting us, you all were great & I really enjoyed the workout!

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